Rust Proofing & Anti Corrosion

Rusty metal roof?

Rusty water tanks?

Rusty equipment?

Liquid Rubber stops and prevents rust & corrosion.

Liquid Rubber is UV Stable -you don’t have to worry about the sun damaging your hard work.

Before application Liquid Rubber has a thin, paint like consistency but dries to a seamless rubber membrane with excellent strength, elasticity and adhesion to just about any surface.

Liquid Rubber will form a thick coating which will not oxidise, craze, crack, loosen or scale.

It withstands soil stresses and resists attack from alkali, acids, salts and moisture.

Liquid Rubber can be used to protect metals used in corrugated iron, metal and concrete feeding troughs, and silos.

Liquid Rubber is also used to seal small cracks in masonry, water troughs and to seal leaks in rusty metal roofs.

Liquid Rubber is a versatile sealant for garages, sheds, industrial uses and on the farm.

Rusty Trailer

Rust Proof


Horse Float


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