How to Fix Leaking Gutters - Paint On Liquid Waterproofing Coating

DIY Waterproofing Coating for Leaking Roof & Gutters

Repair Rusty & Cracked Metal

No Ageing - No Cracking - No Leaks

Gutters & roof repairs bundle

Liquid Rubber is used by roofing plumbers for roof repairs, rusting leaking gutters, around flashings, skylights and vents. Liquid Rubber is also the ideal product for home DIY application!

How to waterproof gutters? 

Watch this video to find out the simple three stage method for using Liquid Rubber. 

Repair Rusty & Leaking Metal



Now the home handy person can also use Liquid Rubber in two handy sized buckets:    4L or 15L 

Waterproof around skylights & roof services

Liquid Rubber can also be used to waterproof and seal junctions in structural steel, air conditioner enclosures, cooling towers, galvanized steel, heater flues and chimneys, fiberglass and nonporous masonry surfaces.

Box gutters

Use Liquid Rubber to extend the life of your leaking, rusted gutters and box gutters. By applying Liquid Rubber and Geo-Textile Bandage you will achieve a sound waterproofing membrane easily and cost-effectively.

The Waterproofing Product that Professional Waterproofers Use.


 Liquid Rubber seals brick, masonry chimney.              

Waterproofing that is easy to apply

Liquid Rubber is one of the easiest products to apply in order to fix and permanently waterproof your roof & gutters.

Even if you have cracks and tears in your old metal roof or gutters it is still possible to make these watertight using Liquid Rubber.

Encapsulate Asbestos Roof

Geotextile bandage to repair roof/gutter leaks

If your roof has complete perforations or your gutters have rusted right through, using the geotextile bandage in conjunction with Liquid Rubber you can repair these leaking holes.

For a demonstration on how to apply the geotextile bandage have a look at our video page here, and to purchase the bandage buy here.

Liquid Rubber is water-based and non-toxic, safe and simple to apply.

Use Liquid Rubber for:

Roof flashings, metal repairs, penetrations.

Gutters and box gutters.

Seal around skylights, vents, air conditioners, seams and joins.

Liquid Rubber is a one coat system using brush or roller saving you time and money; sealing and protecting any structure from water damage.

  • Cures into a continuous self-adhering seamless layer of rubber giving a durable seal.
  • An amazing ability to bond to edges giving extra protection at seams and rivets.
  • Seals leaks, reduce heat build-up, UV resistant.
  • Liquid Rubber has proven itself to be superior to Acrylics, Urethanes and other elastomers.
  • As a liquid, it can conform to any shape, flashing or protrusion both vertical and horizontal.  
  • Once opened the bucket can be re-sealed, keeping fresh and ready for use up to 12 months.

For large commercial & industrial waterproofing applications, contact FINDLAY-EVANS WATERPROOFING 

Rising Damp Treatment: ​PROsystem Damp Treatment

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