Ponds Fountains Water Features - DIY Waterproofing-Liquid Rubber Sealant

Ponds, Fountains, Water Features & Landscaping

  • Waterproofing ponds and other landscaping features has never been so easy!
  • If you have a backyard pond or water feature project on the go, Liquid Rubber seals and waterproofs around the most complex shape.
  • Liquid Rubber has excellent adhesion to polyethylene liners, rock, and concrete.
  • This makes Liquid Rubber waterproofing membranes an excellent choice for waterproofing ponds, decorative pools, fountains and general landscaping.
  • Liquid Rubber is simple to apply with a roller or brush, and creates a seamless, impenetrable, UV resistant waterproof barrier. See here for further instructions to apply Liquid Rubber.
    Ideal for water features because the membrane will not deteriorate due to exposure to UV rays, contains no volatile organic gases (VOCs).
  • This is an ideal waterproofing solution that is safe for plants, fish, and people.
  • Use Liquid Rubber for repairs and maintenance in the landscape industry i.e retaining walls, planter boxes, concrete ponds and other water features.
  • Aquariums - if you are thinking of building your own aquarium use Liquid Rubber to make sure it is waterproof, or if your current aquarium is leaking use Liquid Rubber to seal it watertight.

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