How to waterproof a pond using Liquid Rubber? - DIY Waterproofing-Liquid Rubber Sealant

How to waterproof a pond using Liquid Rubber?

How to waterproof a pond using Liquid Rubber waterproofing paint?

  • Clean the pond thoroughly & let dry. 
  • Apply Liquid Rubber & bandage to all areas needing extra reinforcement such as penetrations, joins etc. 
  • Apply 3 coats of Liquid Rubber allowing to cure approx. 24 hours between coats. 
  • Let final membrane to cure minimum 3 weeks. 
  • You can now fill your pond!

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant for Ponds

  • Liquid Rubber is ideal for sealing ponds as it has the ability to withsand water long term thanks to its high elasticity.
  • 15L bucket of Liquid Rubber should give you about 8m2 coverage with 3 coats.
  • Liquid Rubber is free from harmful chemicals and is certified for potable water (safe for human drinking water).
  • Liquid Rubber is therefore safe to be used in fish ponds, animal drinking throts, water tanks etc. 
  • Same isntructions apply for anything containing water; always apply 3 coats of Liquid Rubber!
  • It is also very important to allow enough time for the final Liquid Rubber membrane to fully cure prior to filling with water. 
  • Even though the membrane might look and feel dry it must go through the proper curing psocess to do its job efficiently (usually 3 weeks, subject to climatic conditions). 
  • With Liquid Rubber: DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT - is our motto!

How to apply Liquid Rubber for a pond - Step by step guide

Step 1 - Clean & Prepare

Start by cleaning the pond thoroughly. We recommend high pressure washing. Make sure that the surface is free of mold, dust, mildew etc. 

Sometimes it's also a good idea to scuff back the surface lightly to ensure good bonding surface for Liquid Rubber (particularly when the surface is quite smooth). 

Step 2 - Detail with liquid rubber & Bandage

If your pond has any areas that require extra reinforcement now is the time to detail. Apply Liquid Rubber and bandage on all joins, corners, penetrations etc. 

Simply brush on a bit of Liquid Rubber, lay the bandage and prush over the bandage until the bandage is saturated and bonds to the surface.

Watch the video below on how to use bandage. 

Step 3 - Apply 3 coats of Liquid rubber

All ponds require at least 3 coats of Liquid Rubber - this is done by applying one coat at the time allowing each coat to dry for approx. 24 hours before applying the next coat. 

Apply the product with a brush or a roller in a slightly thicker manner than normal paint (not too thick though!). 

Step 4 - Let cure for minimum 3 weeks & Fill

Once you have applied the 3 coats of Liquid Rubber it is vital that you allow the membrane to fully cure for minimum 3-4 weeks. This is dependent on climatic conditions. 

Once fully cured, you can fill your pond with water!


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