How much does Liquid Rubber cost? - DIY Waterproofing-Liquid Rubber Sealant

How much does Liquid Rubber cost?

How much does Liquid Rubber cost? 

  • 4L Bucket of Liquid Rubber costs $95 (incl. gst) 
  • - coverage approx. 3-4m2 @ 2 coats
  • 15L Bucket of Liquid Rubber costs $290 (incl. gst)
  •  - coverage approx. 11-13m2 @ 2 coats
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How much Liquid Rubber do I need?

  • If you are tackling a small area - the 4L bucket will most likely suffice. 4L bucket should give you approx. 3-4 m2 @ 2 coats.
  • For larger projects you may want to go with the 15L bucket which will give you approx. 11-13 m2 @ 2 coats.
  • Note: If you are waterproofing a pond or a water tank you should apply at least 3 coats of Liquid Rubber. (Let dry at least 3 weeks prior to filling).

How long does it take for

Liquid Rubber to dry?

  • About 24 hours to be safe! 
  • Although, if it's a nice sunny day (not too hot), you can apply one coat in the morning and the second one in the afternoon.
  • Remember to not apply too thick layers as this will slow down the curing process. 
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Can I paint over Liquid Rubber? 

  • We recommend using our specialized Premathane Top Coat (white) which is the perfect top coat over Liquid Rubber membrane. 
  • Premathane Top Coat is a white waterproofing coating that is much more flexible than normal paints. 
  • You can even tint Premathane to any colour to your liking.

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