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Where Can You Use Liquid Rubber Waterproofing

Where Can You Use Liquid Rubber?The Ultimate Waterproofing Coating  Quick Navigation The Ultimate Waterproofing Coating Where can you use Liquid Rubber Sealant?Buy DIY Waterproof Paint – Liquid Rubber Here:  SHOPTotal Waterproofing Coating SystemUse Liquid Rubber & Top Coat SealantWhite Roof Coating – Premathane What is the Best Roof Sealant?Use BOTH Liquid Rubber & Premathene together 3 Steps to […]

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Waterproofing Paint for W Class Tram Roof

W Class Trams & Art There’s something magical about the marriage of Melbourne’s beloved W-class trams and contemporary art. The roll-call of those who painted the trams, which first ran on Melbourne lines from 1978 to 1982 as part of the Transporting Art project initiated by Victoria’s Hamer Government, reads like a who’s who of Australian contemporary […]

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Leaking Roof Repairs After Storm Damage

Repairs Leaking Roof After Storm DamageThe storm & wet season can be devastating to buildings, homes & structures in parts of Australia.One of the most challenging outcomes of severe weather is leaking roofs.Rain, combined with strong winds, can create leaks in places that did not leak previously. One of the most challenging outcomes of severe […]

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Waterproofing Product for Roof & Gutters

Fixing Roof Water LeaksInsurances agencies state that 80% of building insurance claims come from water leaks and water damage.Costly and extensive damage to houses & buildings are often the end result of roof water leaks. View Video Below Paul Evans, Managing Director Findlay-Evans Waterproofing (F.E.W) and President of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW) says […]

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Waterproof & Repair Roof Leaks

Waterproof & Repair Roof Leaks Liquid Rubber is the ideal product for waterproofing and repairing rusty old roofs.   Liquid Rubber will stop any further rusting and most importantly: make your roof watertight!  Repairing and maintaining roofs are an on-going and expensive problem for home owners.Liquid Rubber solves leaking roofs with simple, quick and cost effective waterproofing. […]

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