Liquid Rubber Waterproofing for DY

waterproof Concrete Facades Melbourne

Waterproofing Product For Concrete, Masonry or Brick Surfaces Hydroblock is based on the latest nanotechnology.Ultra fine particles allow Hydroblock to penetrate deep into the surfaces of concrete and cement based products. Use Hydroblock on: Concrete, Cement Render Facades New or old roofing tiles Floor & wall tiles How to Apply Hydroblock:Hydroblock can be applied to […]

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How To Prepare Walls Floors For Waterproofing

Liquid Rubber does not require special equipment and being eco-friendly is safe for animals, plants and human drinking water.It is easily applied using a brush or roller and typically cures within 24-48 hours (depending on application thickness, temperature, and relative humidity) into a tough rubbery completely waterproof surface.Liquid Rubber is also a flexible waterproof membrane […]

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