Liquid Rubber Waterproofing for DY

Best caulking products to use with Liquid Rubber

Gutters & roof repairs bundle

What can I use for caulking with Liquid Rubber?The BEST caulking products we have found to be suitable with Liquid Rubber are non-solvent, safely applied materials such as:Den Braven Sealants: TixoplastSupaSeal PU – Low modulus isocyanate free polyurethane What products to use for caulking under Liquid Rubber? When it comes to choosing the right caulking product […]

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How much does Liquid Rubber cost?


How much does Liquid Rubber cost? 4L Bucket of Liquid Rubber costs $95 (incl. gst) – coverage approx. 3-4m2 @ 2 coats15L Bucket of Liquid Rubber costs $290 (incl. gst) – coverage approx. 11-13m2 @ 2 coats Buy Online HERE How much Liquid Rubber do I need?If you are tackling a small area – the 4L bucket will […]

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Waterproofing Paint for W Class Tram Roof

W Class Trams & Art There’s something magical about the marriage of Melbourne’s beloved W-class trams and contemporary art. The roll-call of those who painted the trams, which first ran on Melbourne lines from 1978 to 1982 as part of the Transporting Art project initiated by Victoria’s Hamer Government, reads like a who’s who of Australian contemporary […]

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DIY Caravan Roof Waterproofing

Quick Navigation DIY Waterproofing – Caravan Roof BundleAbout Liquid Rubber ApplicationAlternative to replacing yourleaking caravan roof?This is why Liquid Rubber is the best sealant for caravansHow to use waterproof paint toseal your caravan roofHow to Apply the Waterproofing Bandage DIY Waterproofing – Caravan Roof Bundle Everything You Need: ​4L Bucket Liquid Rubber  ​10L Bucket Thermo Top Coat […]

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Waterproofing Paint, Coatings or Membrane

Waterproof paint is NOT the same as a waterproofing membrane. Waterproofing membranes and waterproof paint have a similar objective – minimizing the travel of water through a substance. However, there are major differences. The American Concrete Institute (ACI 515.1) defines:”waterproofing as a treatment of a surface or structure to resist the passage of water under […]

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Leaking Roof Repairs After Storm Damage

Repairs Leaking Roof After Storm DamageThe storm & wet season can be devastating to buildings, homes & structures in parts of Australia.One of the most challenging outcomes of severe weather is leaking roofs.Rain, combined with strong winds, can create leaks in places that did not leak previously. One of the most challenging outcomes of severe […]

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How to Waterproof Retaining Walls – DIY Method


Shop Retaining Wall Bundle HERE Below ground tanking & retaining walls require best practice waterproofing techniques. If the following principles are adhered to, there is no reason small retaining wall projects cannot be applied as DIY application. Quality Waterproofing Product.Good Preparation.Correct Waterproofing Application.Robust Membrane Protection.Commercial & Large Waterproofing Projects Below Ground Tanking , Basements & Under Concrete Slab should […]

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Balcony Waterproofing – Which Tile Adhesive to Use With Liquid Membranes ?

Tiled balcony with expansion joins

We are typically asked “exactly what tile adhesive can we use” on Liquid Rubber Waterproofing Membranes. The short answer is:  acrylic or latex (water) based tile adhesive Do NOT use solvent based adhesives – solvents will attack water-based membranes. Quick Navigation Repairing a Balcony?Balcony Design & WaterproofingAustralian Waterproofing Standards – AS4654-2Master Builder Association (MBA) – DrawingsLeaking […]

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Waterproofing Product for Roof & Gutters

Fixing Roof Water LeaksInsurances agencies state that 80% of building insurance claims come from water leaks and water damage.Costly and extensive damage to houses & buildings are often the end result of roof water leaks. View Video Below Paul Evans, Managing Director Findlay-Evans Waterproofing (F.E.W) and Vice President of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW) says […]

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Concrete Waterproofing & Sealer

Concrete Waterproofing & Sealer We offer a terrific waterproof sealer for all concrete surfaces.Our Hydroblock is ideal for new and/or existing concrete surfaces. If you have concrete facades, parapet walls or any type of masonry surface damaged by water leaks – Hydroblock is your answer. Hinders discolouration Penetrates deep into the surface Refreshes concrete surfaces […]

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