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Water Leaks

using Liquid Rubber waterproof membrane

Be amazed at all the different uses for 

Liquid Rubber in the video above

Liquid Rubber waterproofing membranes are

Easy to Use                    Cost Effective            Eco-Friendly

Use Liquid Rubber as a waterproofing paint, as an adhesive, for rust proofing and protection against corrosion.

There are so many uses for Liquid Rubber and you can easily apply this membrane yourself.

What our Customers are saying about DIY Liquid Rubber Waterproofing


Hi  Alison,

Thankyou for your advice and the bandage which we have put to use.

We have found Liquid Rubber to be a very easy product to use on our paddleboat roof and upper deck.

We are now looking forward to rain so that we can test your product and put the bucket chandeliers away!

I have attached three photographs to this email of our paddleboat Evangeline. waterproof-Houseboat.JPG

Hi Paul,

We use Liquid Rubber all the time as Maintenance Crew for retail remedial works - particularly roofs - it is a fabulous product, easy to use and cost effective.

Ian from Westfield Maintenance Geelong Vic

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DIY Bucket in two sizes

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